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Our primary school is a blend of the Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum and the 8.4.4 curriculum. Our Lower Primary Schools were one of KNECs (Kenya National Education Curriculum) pilot schools in the assessment of the new curriculum and were reported to exceed expectations. In the Upper Primary we ensure that they are keen on good academic performance but have the opportunity to equally excel in co-curricular and enrichment activities.

Through the introduction of Performance Learning, students are able to properly plan their study schedules and quality of sleep independently. By making learners aware of the relevance of the content, they are self-driven to building momentum in how they retain and recall information and this positively impacts examination performance

For the lower primary (Grade 1 to 3), the academic program is organized on a block schedule as outlined in the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC). Twelve learning areas are allocated across a well-planned timetable which ensures a range of activities are learned each day. . Assemblies are conducted on Monday and Chapel on Friday, class meetings are conducted every Wednesday and Life Skill sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. The academic year runs from January to November with two short holidays in April and August. The November and December holiday is the longest. This is in line with the school calendar as advised by the ministry of education. The beginning of an academic year in January signifies transition to a new grade.

The are:
  • Mathematics activities
  • English language activities
  • Literacy activities
  • Kiswahili activities
  • Environmental Activities
  • Hygiene and Nutrition
  • Religious activities Christian Religious Activity
  • Movement and Creative Activities (PE lesson (s), art, music and craft)
  • French Activities
  • Computer studies (ICT)
  • Handwriting
  • PPI (Pastoral Instruction)
  • Library lesson
  • Story telling
  • Agricutural  Studies

Grace Brook Academy  is a haven of activities that range from a wide variety of sports at all levels, trips, clubs, music and drama festivals, composition and insha writing, road shows, community work and concerts. The school provides opportunities for private tuition in music and dance and includes:
*  Ballet lessons  *  Piano lessons *  Guitar lessons
*  Recorders lessons  *  Violin lesson
*  Voice lessons

These opportunities lead to international certification such as the ABRSM for music as well as opportunities to perform in national competitions and festivals. Community Service Learning is an important part of the wider curriculum and develops attitudes around social responsibility which is embedded early. Examples include environmental projects, supporting underprivileged communities and more. These activities cut across all schools and all ages.

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