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About Grace Brook Academy

Founded in 2013, Grace Brook Academy is a Christian School, located in Syokimau. We enrich the lives of our pupils, their families and the community through dedication to the principles of academics, discipline and faith. Our diverse student body, comprised of children from different regions, benefits from a progressive, modern, and congenial school setting, designed to foster academic achievement. We provide a safe, positive, learning environment that encourages the scholastic achievement of our pupils, as well as the development of their spiritual and social lives. Our staff is committed to providing high quality relationships, including faith in God, and practical skills as part of our school and life preparation.

Mission Statement

The mission of Grace Brook Academy is to provide a Caring, Christ-centered education producing students who thrive in the word. This is derived from the acronym CARE - Christ-centered: GBA sees its primary purpose to be a welcoming school where students can be exposed to the rich life of God’s love by knowing Christ personally. It is our desire that every student comes to a point where Christ is the center of their life, influencing every thought that they have and action they make, and in so doing they can spread His Word even further. Accessibility/Affordability: Allowing Christ to influence every thought and action, we model our school after Jesus’ example of making Himself available to all that would come to Him. He did not set Himself aside for the most privileged or most affluent, but rather was welcoming to all that wanted to hear Him. Following His lead, our goal is to be accessible to the greatest number of students and families possible.


To be a leading Christian based institution for early childhood education and to become a center for academic excellence.

Objectives & Goals

Grace Brook Academy is committed to preparing all students to thrive in the 21st century by providing a solid foundation in Christ and an education that will allow them to excel in college and beyond. GBA strives to develop critical thinkers who can give well-reasoned answers to challenging questions.


The curriculum practiced is CBC and 8-4-4.
Based  on  the Needs Assessment  Study  carried  out by  KICD,  and  the  vision  and  mission  of  the BECF, the seven core competencies to be achieved by every learner in basic education are:

  1. Communication and Collaboration
  2. Self-efficacy
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  4. Creativity and Imagination
  5. Citizenship
  6. Digital Literacy
  7. Learning to Learn
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