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Founded in 2013, Grace Brook Academy is a Christian School, located in Syokimau. We enrich the lives of our pupils, their families and the community through dedication to the principles of academics, discipline and faith. Our diverse student body, comprised of children from different regions, benefits from a progressive, modern, and congenial school setting, designed to foster academic achievement.
We provide a safe, positive, learning environment that encourages the scholastic achievement of our pupils, as well as the development of their spiritual and social lives.   Our staff is committed to providing high quality relationships, including faith in God, and practical skills as part of our school and life preparation.


The mission of Grace Brook Academy is to provide a Caring, Christ-centered education producing students who thrive in the word.
This is derived from the acronym CARE
Christ-centered:  GBA sees its primary purpose to be a welcoming school where students can be exposed to the rich life of God’s love by knowing Christ personally.  It is our desire that every student comes to a point where Christ is the center of their life, influencing every thought that they have and action they make, and in so doing they can spread His Word even further.
Accessibility/Affordability:  Allowing Christ to influence every thought and action, we model our school after Jesus’ example of making Himself available to all that would come to Him.  He did not set Himself aside for the most privileged or most affluent, but rather was welcoming to all that wanted to hear Him.  Following His lead, our goal is to be accessible to the greatest number of students and families possible.
Real-Relationships:  Motivated by love, God sacrificed His own Son, so that we could have a real eternal relationship with Him (John 3:16).  Likewise, the evidence that we have a vital relationship with Christ shows up in the way we love one another.  Having a personal relationship with Christ is central to every other relationship we have and as we pursue this relationship with Him, He will increase our desire to serve one another.
Educational Excellence:  Finally, as a school, these values are expressed in an excellent Christian education.  We don’t believe excellence is compromised with accessibility and therefore we dedicate ourselves in the pursuit of academic excellence unmatched by both public and other private schools.  It is our desire that each student develop a lifelong love of learning and improving themselves for the future. 

Our Vision

To be a leading Christian based institution for early childhood education and to become a center for academic excellence.

Objectives and Goals

Grace Brook Academy is committed to preparing all students to thrive in the 21st century by providing a solid foundation in Christ and an education that will allow them to excel in college and beyond.  GBA strives to develop critical thinkers who can give well-reasoned answers to challenging questions. 


ESLRs stands for “Expected Schoolwide Learning Results.”  Our ESLRs are in the form of essential questions.  These questions are:

  • Who is God?
  • What is Truth?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I access, process, and share information
  • How can I develop, express, and use my creativity?
  • How can I make wise choices?
  • How can I develop healthy relationships?

We expect all Grace Brook Students to have carefully thought through these questions.  A student who has effectively answered these questions is well prepared for not only their academic study, but for being a leader in their profession, family, community and church.

Standards of Conduct

Rules and standards are necessary in order to promote an environment that is safe, orderly and allows all students to flourish.  Our expectation is that our students will be respectful, responsible, motivated and conduct themselves with integrity.  Our goal in discipline is to teach students to make choices that are desirable, and for them to learn self-discipline. Enrollment at GBA is a privilege and our expectation is that students will conduct themselves in accordance with Grace Brooks Academy goals and standards.  We rely on parents to become partners with the school education of their child.  Upon enrollment, students and parents agree to abide by the Standards of Conduct.

If the administration determines that a student’s behavior demonstrates a lack of respect for persons or property, disrupts the teaching and learning in the classroom the student will be disciplined.  Student behavior is expected to positively reflect the mission and expectations of GBA, both in and out of school.  We have not attempted to list every behavior and consequence, but instead have provided guidelines for appropriate behavior

Classroom Conduct

Each teacher develops rules and classroom procedures specific to their subject area and congruent with school rules.  All students are expected to be positive contributors to the classroom environment and support the structure of the classroom.  Teachers’ rules and procedures are included in the course syllabus. 


Students can be issued an office detention by the administration. The parent will be contacted by the administration.

Students can be issued a teacher detention by a teacher.  The parent will be contacted by the teacher as to when they will serve their detention with the teacher.

Student Searches

School officials may search any individual student including his/her property when there is reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover evidence that he/she is violating the law or school policy.

The types of student property that may be searched by school officials include, but are not limited to lockers, desks, purses, backpacks.

Behavior Probation

When necessary, a student may be placed on behavior probation.  Generally the term of probation will be one semester and will consist of a meeting with Administration, parents and student resulting in a behavior contract that defines expectations for the student.  Violation of this contract may result in suspension or expulsion


If it becomes necessary, in the opinion of the school administration, to expel a student who does not abide by the Standards of Conduct contained in this Handbook, or who exhibits other behavior contrary to the Christian testimony of the school, the matter shall be referred by the head teacher to the Board of Directors of the school for disposition. The admini­stration has the authority to suspend the student indefinitely until a final decision of the Board of Directors has been reached. In the event that the decision of the Board of Directors is to expel the student, the head teacher shall have delivered to the student’s parent/­guardian written notice of that decision. In the event that the parent/guardian wishes to request the Board of Directors to reconsider its decision, the parent/guardian must request such reconsideration in writing, and must have such written request delivered to the head teacher on or before fifteen days after receipt of the notice of the Board of Directors’ decision. If such request for reconsideration is timely received, the Board of Directors shall schedule a meeting for reconsideration of the matter and shall provide written notice to the parent/guardian of the disciplined student as to the date, time and place of such meeting. The Parent/guardian and the student shall be given an opportunity to address the Board of Directors with respect to the conduct, which is the subject of the disciplinary action. After such a meeting for reconsideration, the head teacher shall have delivered to the student’s parent/guardian written notice of the decision of the Board of Directors in the reconsideration of the matter. When a student is asked to withdraw or is expelled from GBA they will be restricted from being on campus or at any school activity.

GBA strives to maintain a positive and professional learning environment. Consequently, our appearance should encourage concentrated study and should in no way distract from the learning process. GBA believes in the Biblical principle of modesty and encourages students to focus on the inner self and not call attention to outward appearances. We have some basic guidelines that we expect students to meet. Final decisions regarding appropriateness of appearance are at the discretion of Administration.

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